Scarosso is a brand whose footwear I was sighing for several months before I decided to order one of their models. Just looking at the pictures, you can safely say that these shoes are of the highest quality. Made with the greatest attention to detail. The brand’s assortment includes both women’s and men’s collections. And its main idea is to combine timeless and class, allowing the user to dress every day as well as for special occasions. In today’s post, I would like to share with you my opinion on shoes from Scarosso.

I have a great weakness for high-quality products. This one I can judge with one look and touch. It was the same with my first contact with the brand and its footwear, which surprised me with its beautiful and timeless look. The raw materials used and the quality of the footwear added their two cents to my admiration for the brand and its products. And the leather sole turned out to be the icing on the cake. Footwear is handmade in Italy, by local craftsmen.

Order and delivery

When I decided to buy my dream pair of boots, I placed an order on The brand, after subscribing to the newsletter, offers a discount of up to 15% on the first order, in my case it was only 10%, occasionally, the brand also offers a temporary 20% discount. With a price of €300, 20% is as much as €60, so sometimes it pays to wait a little longer. (Edit: after ordering another shoes, I received a referral link from Scarosso with a 20% discount for friends – here , I will probably get something from it too.)

The package with the long-awaited footwear came to me after less than a week, which for me is quite understandable in the case of international shipments, and this one was sent from Italy. The boots were packaged the way luxury products are usually packaged in the most famous fashion houses. In a beautiful red box closed with magnets, there were shoes carefully wrapped in delicate paper, and with them a dust bag was attached. I like when brands add dust bags to their products. These are perfect for storing shoes on a daily basis, thus avoiding their unnecessary dusting.

Red box of Scarosso shoes

Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.

Aldo Gucci
Scarosso shoes lying in the box
Heel of the Scarosso shoes

I’m crazy about quality

The happiness and excitement caused by the feeling that I had something special in front of me did not allow me to wait for the first fittings. As soon as I put the shoes on my feet, it dawned on me that I had just drained more money from my wallet. The boots turned out to be perfectly fitted to my foot, comfortable, slim, just beautiful. Leather sole glued with rubber for greater comfort and stability. A pointed toe that optically lengthens my legs and a flexible upper, thanks to which the shoe adapts perfectly to my ankles. All these aspects make them seem to be sewn especially for my feet. Properly fitted and comfortable like no other.

I must admit that it is also due to the appropriately matched size, which I chose based on the length of the insole. On the site, you can also download and print the Scarosso size guide, which may be helpful in choosing your size. In my case, the length of my foot was enough.

Pointed toes in the black boots
Scarosso sohes on the pink chair
Scarosso boots

Shopping experience

Going beyond the footwear itself and its quality, I think it’s worth mentioning the customer service and the shopping itself on the website. Placing the order and payment went smoothly and quickly, the only downside I encountered at the very beginning was the discount for subscribing to the newsletter. In my case, „up to -15% discount” turned out to be a 10% discount on the model I chose. After two days browsing Instagram, I came across a 20% discount. You can always use my referral link (here), which I wrote about earlier, which offers -20% as well. When ordering on the Scarosso website, delivery is free if the amount exceeds €150, and returns are free regardless of their value.

Customer service and its quality is significant for consumers, but also for the brand itself. In this matter, I must praise Scarosso for the speed of response and help in solving the problem with the return. After filling out the contact form and describing my problem, I received an automatic return e-mail with standard information that my inquiry will be dealt with as soon as possible, and the current response time is up to 48 hours. I got the final answer after… 15 minutes with a new return label and instructions on how to complete the return properly.

Leather sole

When buying shoes, the price of which reaches €300, I expect not only high-quality workmanship, but also the feeling that the product I have chosen gives me a sense of uniqueness. Everything matters to me, from the product and its quality, through the way it got to me, to customer service. When ordering my first shoes from Scarosso, I didn’t know what final tone my review would have. More and more often, I come across the belief that expensive things are always better made, as if the price was a sufficient commitment to high quality and customer satisfaction. And this is a very deceptive approach. I am glad that my first experience with the Scarosso brand and its products turned out to be very positive and made me want more. After all, in my wardrobe I need classic and timeless shoes that will not only be pretty, but also extremely comfortable.

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