I am very impressed with how many projects I managed to finish and finally sew in the last few weeks.  Sewing has recently become one of my favorite distractions from everyday life.  And a sewing machine is to me what a computer is to a gamer, you sit down in the morning intending to sew one side, and suddenly, you wake up that it’s almost 3 pm, and maybe it’s time to make some dinner?

Although I could spend days and nights at the sewing machine, unfortunately my body is telling me something else.  That’s why I try to take small steps every day, not putting too much strain on my already tired neck.  As a child, I was taught that what I started was worth finishing as soon as possible.  It didn’t always work to my advantage because instead of getting down to business calmly, I did everything in a haste.  I don’t think I need to write what the consequences were for me and the effects of my work?  I was accompanied by many difficult emotions at that time, they made me rush, to leave a bit of sadness and anger at myself at the end that something didn’t work out for me again.

Olga is thinking about sewing
Outfit of the day WHite t-shirt and beige blazer
Basket sunjellies and moccasins from H&M
Olga is smiling while thinking about sewing

Blazer – Massimo Dutti,
T-shirt – More’moi,
jeans – Lee, model scarlett high,
Loafers – H&M, Premium Selection, similar model here
Basket – SunJellies

After reading a book „Atomic Habits” written by James Clear’s , I approach everything that matters to me as habits.  The elements of everyday life, both pleasant and not so much, are broken down into small tasks that I treat as something that must be done by me.  I don’t look at how much work I’ve done on a given day.  It is important to me that I have taken a small step in the direction in which I am going.  If you haven’t read this book yet, I highly recommend it, it’s a position that changes and teaches.

Recently, I have been focusing more on myself and how I spend my spare time.  As I write this, I am basking in the sun, gasping for fresh air.  To think that a year ago, I spent most of my time in front of the computer, preparing videos for the YouTube channel.  I miss talking to the camera a bit, I can’t decide what that place should look like next.  Fashion is an important part of my everyday life and I like to talk about it, and looking at the statistics, I get the impression that the shopping itself matters more.  Despite this, I still have the need to run what I started my real adventure on the Internet with.  So if you were wondering if this is the end of the channel, the answer is definitely NOT!  I’ll be back stronger.  🤭