I’ve been sitting on this post for 20 minutes. I can’t think of anything at all. For the last three weeks, I’ve been busy with my next project that I’ve undertaken. I know how ridiculous this may sound, so far, no one has taken my idea seriously, and the seller at the leather shop said he would start with something easier if he were me. That’s who I am, I like challenges, so great that at some point they scare me, in a positive sense of the word. I undertook to sew my own handbag in one of the most famous models from Hermes – Kelly.[/bigleter]

Believe me, I chose the easiest Sellier model anyway, which isn’t as difficult as you might think. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I won’t be the chosen one to be allowed to buy a Birkin or a Kelly. Instead, I’ll have the extra experience and my money where it should be – in my account. In retrospect, I notice that some of my material dreams weren’t exactly my real dreams. These were Instagram dreams, but I will tell you more about them on the channel, there are some changes and news.

cream Dior Bobby bag and pink silk top
summer outfit made out of pink silk top and cream pants with center crease

Trousers – Zara, last year’s collection, similar here
Top – silk, bought at Ali
Sandals – Mango, old collection
Handbag – Dior,

Today, I come with a late post, yet, outfit from Paris. I almost forgot about it, but I think that the styling and photos are nice enough to be included here. I just want them here. Not only that, but I remember when the day before leaving, I stood in front of the wardrobe thinking in my head, I have nothing to take with me. In special moments, we want to look special, which makes the clothes we wear every day seem as if they are unworthy of special occasions. In most cases, they turn out to be the best and proven option.