This post will be about my belated New Year’s resolutions. I am writing it knowing that for some of you some of them have long been forgotten. If not, I bow my head and keep my fingers crossed. However, if it turns out that a significant part of them died before you let them settle in your everyday life, don’t worry. You can always say you’re late with your list, like me. The end of 2022 was… complicated and difficult for me. And this caused me to take myself out of online activity.

New Year's resolutions

And it’s not just that I needed that silence. I asked for it, putting my goals, dreams, and work before my health. From an early age, we hear that health is the most important thing, and we should not underestimate any symptoms and disturbing symptoms. Despite this, we turn a blind eye to some of them, saying that this is the first time, it will pass. And if it doesn’t pass, we wait for it to pass. I waited until the very end, I do not recommend it.

Health first

Therefore, following the trends set by my body, the first, and most significant New Year’s resolution for me is to focus on my health. In every matter, even the one that is even slightly related to it. Exercise at least twice a week, in any form that makes me happy. Less stress, more happiness, that is, avoid what makes you feel bad. Turn your life upside down.

Me, myself and I

I’m not good at putting myself and my needs first. I always consider the expectations of others of me, and in most cases I try to meet them. At the expense of yourself and your dreams. To stop locking myself in the cage of someone else’s expectations is my second resolution this year. I am convinced that if I manage to break the wrong pattern that has settled in my head, everyday life will become easier, more pleasant and more exciting for me.

Graphic health


Saving is my last goal I would like to stick to this year. Last year, 2022, was expensive for me. Some of my investments turned out to be a hit, and some of them I could do without. Running a fashion channel involves regular spending on clothing. Contrary to what we hear on the Internet, it is impossible to run a channel showing the same things for several months. And if so, the recipient will go where the new is anyway. And that’s ok too. Coming back to saving, this year I planned that my spending on all whims will not exceed the amount of €1000. And you know what? I’m doing great, before I entered the new year, I was already planning to buy shoes. Link to Pretty Ballerinas shoes post.

New Year's resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are a reflection of what we have not done so far, but we would like to because of some profits. My list is not the longest. It’s important to me to create habits that will be my everyday life. I wrote with the next three months in mind. I think that a year is far too long, which at the beginning demotivates rather than encourages action. And if after three months it turns out that one of them has not stood the test of time, I will reconsider it. Then I will also think about whether I can do something to make sticking to the resolution more pleasant for me.

None of these New Year’s resolutions will change my life dramatically, but I am confident that over time they will help me improve my everyday life. This thought gives me the feeling that my goals are not just a paper schedule for the next few days full of enthusiasm. I treat every attempt to improve or change as a process that is always preceded by the smallest, seemingly insignificant steps. It is these small steps that lead to great things. A drop hollows out a rock, and small actions regularly repeated bring spectacular results.