This year, my wardrobe has grown with a few new things. All the ones you’ll see below are capsule must-haves for the upcoming spring. Some items have been in my wardrobe for a long time, there are also those that have been added to it relatively recently. In the list below, you will also see the pieces of clothing that I have been looking for several months, until I finally found the right and dream model for me. A perfect example here would be a beige jacket. Completing a wardrobe should never be done in a hurry or under any pressure. In such situations, it is easy to make ill-considered and not entirely necessary purchases. Sometimes, to find the most suitable and dream model for us, we have to make a little effort before we find it, so it’s worth being patient. Speaking of searching, below a little more about my capsule must-have for spring and searching for it.

Beige trench coat

This one has been in my wardrobe for three years now, and I don’t even think about parting with it. It is made of high-quality cotton gabardine, which protects perfectly against spring rains. My model comes from Massimo Dutti, which is second to none when it comes to the range of trench coats and their value for money. And I measured several models before I found the one from Massimo. The classic, beige trench coat matches perfectly in elegant styles, but also in casual ones. It looks best with jeans and a white blouse. Believe me, I know what I’m talking about!

Capsule must-haves for this spring - beige trench coat
Oversized blazer in navy blue color

Navy-blue oversize blazer

Each of my purchases is always preceded by considerations about the actual need for a specific item in my wardrobe. I try not to blindly follow current trends, they pass rapidly, leaving unnecessary clothes in the wardrobe. Before I decided on an oversized jacket, I had to make sure that it would actually be a piece of clothing that would serve me for years to come. And if not … then at least this is bought in second-hand. The model that I managed to hunt down has a beautiful deep navy-blue color and is made of a fabric that contains virgin wool.

Beige blazer

And speaking of wool in the fabric composition, it could not be otherwise in the case of the next blazer. I also managed to buy this model in second hand. I’ve been looking for a beige jacket for a long time. One that will be made of good quality fabric, but also its color and shade will be as I dreamed. Searching in online stores, I either came across models whose fabric composition left much to be desired, or their price made my head spin from its height. At some point, I had the idea of browsing Vinted, which is how I found what I was looking for. A beige jacket will work great with cream pants and even jeans. In the spring-summer period, I like to wear bright colors, and beige will be a perfect variety in all white sets.

Massimo Dutti Beige blazer - Capsule must-haves for this spring
Woman with cup of coffee wearing white poplin shirt

White poplin shirt

This one was on my spring shopping list this year. I found my model in Massimo Dutti. If you look through my entire wardrobe, a large part of my clothes come from Massimo Dutti. The reason for this is many factors, the quality of workmanship and the fabrics and their composition. The shirt I chose is in an elongated and oversize model, it fits perfectly with jeans, but also matches with cigarillos with the center crease. It is sewn with great attention to detail, and the fabric looks like those used by premium brands.

White T-shirt made of high-quality cotton

An element that appears in my styles throughout the year. When selecting a basic T-shirt that will survive countless washings, be more resistant to damage and more pleasant to the touch, it is worth considering models made of Supima or heavyweight cotton. A white T-shirt is a part of my wardrobe, which turns out to be salutary when “I have nothing to wear”.

White basic t-shirt
Cream cigarette trousers

Cream cigarette trousers

Bright pants are my definite must-have in the summer. This year I decided on cream cigarette trousers in the best-selling model from Zara. It is true that the composition of the fabric is not of the highest quality, but in this case, everything is justified by the model of the pants, which on my shape, and not only mine, looks perfect. Occasionally, it’s worth turning a blind eye to some aspects.

Jeans with a slightly tapered leg

Arket jeans have been in my wardrobe for the second year now, and I must admit that I am very surprised by their quality. It was very difficult for me to find jeans that would not fit as well as regular skinny jeans, but would also not have straight legs that would widen my legs. Jeans with a slightly tapered leg are one of those must-have items that occupy an important place in my wardrobe. As I love jeans, it couldn’t be otherwise. As long as it is in the most universal color that matches all that I already have in my wardrobe.

Arket jeans - my capsule must-haves this spring
Midi jeans Skirt from Levi's

Denim skirt with a slit

Midi length only. I was looking for such a model last year, unfortunately, to no avail. Recently, because two weeks ago, I managed to find a skirt that not only has a slit on the side, but also has over 20% lyocell in the composition of the material. Lyocell in the composition of jeans makes the fabric more flexible, and thus, it adapts much better to the body, making a particular piece of clothing more comfortable than that made of denim, which contains only cotton.

Converse Sneakers

Black timeless Converse sneakers, these are in my wardrobe for the first time. I decided on black with ecru rubber, which gives the illusion that the shoes have already worn out. Don’t be fooled, they are brand new! They look great with a navy blue oversize jacket, jeans and a white T-shirt. Which is what I like the most.

Black converse sneakers
Black suede sling back pumps

Black slingback pumps

This spring will belong to slingback shoes, no doubt. I decided on a black, simple model with a pointed toe. Perfect for a black skirt and jacket, but it will also be found in the company of jeans and a delicate cardigan. A small heel makes the shoes more comfortable than completely flat ones. And to think it’s a model from the Pretty Ballerinas outlet. Here’s more about Pretty Ballerinas brand.

My capsule must-haves for this spring, includes clothes that I will certainly use not only in the upcoming season. A navy-blue jacket will be great in autumn, and a white shirt will serve me throughout the year. I like my prudence in shopping and completing my wardrobe, and the only thing I still need this year is a beautiful patterned and colorful dress.