Polene Tonca has been on my mind for a long time.  I won’t be lying when I say that I was struggling with whether to buy a handbag with quality that does not differ from luxury brands, thus saving some money, or investing my savings in a Dior handbag.  The latter option left me with the feeling that the money I spend, I will always be able to recover it by selling a given model.  I was in a stalemate at the moment.  I wanted to have two things at once, savings in my account and the certainty that my purchase would not turn out to be the one that would drastically lose value right after leaving the store.

Lately, more and more often I catch myself that, although I try to make reasonable purchasing decisions, they are not entirely good for my wallet.  In the case of quality products, the appetite grows as you eat.  For me, it started with one jacket made of silk and linen, today, my entire wardrobe is filled with clothes that are extremely comfortable, but also expensive.  Therefore, I also decided to give up most of my luxury needs for a while.  Until I’m more financially secure.  Following your dreams is not worth anything when you pay for it with your health.  Even more so when this dream is a handbag from a well-known fashion house.

black polene tonca
Outfit made out of white poplin shirt, navy-blazer and arket jeans
Black loafers and Arket jeans
Outfit of the day with Polene Tonca bag
Polene tonca

Polene Tonca is not a half measure.

Oh, no. It is definitely not.  This model is not my replacement for Dior, which is designed to satisfy my styling needs.  This is a handbag that I smiled at several times, and it was difficult for me to decide if it was actually a model that would work in my wardrobe.  Each time I was bothered by its long strap, which allows you to wear it on or over the shoulder.  Only after coming across one of the TikToks how to shorten its strap, thus wearing it as a short shoulder bag, I decided to buy it, immediately assuming that the belt would be altered.  Of course, I went further than TikTok, bought a special pin and screwed it to the strap, thus shortening it.

Things are made for me.

Some time ago, I would not have thought that I would introduce my own alterations in a new handbag.  I always considered such interference as destroying a specific thing.  Except… it’s not really destroying, but adjusting something to suit yourself, after all, the same is done with clothes at the dressmaker’s.  I wonder how many beliefs I still have that limit me in other matters.

Outfit made out of Polene tonca, jeans, white poplin shirt and Navy-Blue blazer

Blazer – 303 Avenue,

shirt – Massimo Dutti,

jeans – Arket,

handbag – Polene,

loafers – Massimo Dutti,

Today’s styling is not something super fancy.  Combination of a navy blazer, a white poplin shirt and jeans.  The main role in this combination is, of course, the handbag, which is in the same color as the loafers.  Since I sold my only black handbag that I had in my wardrobe, I was missing something that would match the color of my black shoes.  Belatedly, but I realized that the black handbag is an element in my wardrobe, without which I can’t match proper styles.  I guess that’s why I have my eyes on another model very similar to the Celine Belt Bag.

And here’s an unboxing of Polene.