Expectations are something pleasant that drives us and motivates us. Sometimes, unexpectedly, they can take the form of ballast, which is caused by disappointment because something did not turn out the way we wanted. I spent my 30th birthday in Paris, and today, I can’t imagine a better gift for this occasion, even though I approached the trip very skeptically and uncertainly.

From every side, I met with different, very different opinions about this city. It is easy to see that it has supporters and opponents. For some, the Eiffel Tower is a heap of iron for others, it is a symbol of love. Some people can feel the love in the air, others the hovering, unpleasant smells of the city.

Travel and my comfort zone

I am not a traveler. I would be lying if I said that traveling is a great pleasure for me. Last year, I chose Florence as my destination, which disappointed me a lot, with a hostel that turned out to be much worse than the one shown in the photos and a parking lot that was a significant departure from my comfort and sense of security. I trust people, but leaving my own car with keys under the care of the owner of the parking lot, who parks cars 10 cm apart from each other, gives me a huge sense of uncertainty and fear. And how do you relax and enjoy the moment when you don’t know if your only means of transport will come back to you intact?

my 30th birthday in Laduree
building in Paris

My previous travel experiences, which were few and most of them left much to be desired, meant that when I was going to Paris, I wasn’t expecting anything. I was looking forward to seeing this city, but I got rid of the slightest expectation that I would definitely like it. This time I decided not to save on the hotel because I didn’t want my thirtieth birthday to end with returning home in the evening because the hotel turned out not to be what I expected. I noticed that in such situations I have an escape mechanism and a need to return to a place that is safe for me—to my own home. Realizing your problems and the mechanisms that are in you is half the battle.

Traveling gives new experiences

Paris surprised me a lot with the sense of security that accompanied me while exploring the city. Architecture and splendor pouring out from behind every corner you pass. Delicious croissants and even better macaroons. Traditional Tea Time in one of the oldest French pâtisseries Laduree and fast food in Mc Donald’s, which in Paris goes to a higher level. Style and nonchalance, and especially the fact that the shirt is a part of the wardrobe that we should wear every day, not on special occasions. My 30th birthday turned out to be a very inspiring moment for me, giving me the feeling that the best is yet to come. Only now do I feel like I am entering adulthood, for which I am properly prepared and ready. I feel real responsibility and maturity. Is this what is expected of us when we hit the age of eighteen?

outfit for my 30th birthday
olga's standing in front of the Laduree
outfit for my 30th birthday
outfit for my 30th birthday

Skirt – MLE collection, last year’s collection,
Silk top – my own design,
Sandals – Mango, old collection, I took them from the bottom of the wardrobe,
Handbag – Dior,
Pearl Necklace – Apart

The visit to Paris motivated me and gave me more self-confidence. I had no expectations for this city. In return, the Eiffel Tower charmed me with its flickering lights, and I could smell the more beautiful perfumes of passersby in the air. It was my first, but certainly not the last visit to this city. There are still so many places and things I haven’t seen yet.

P.S. The Eiffel Tower is best admired in the evening hours, that’s when it shimmers beautifully.