Who would have thought that in the middle of May, when we should all be wearing shorts, I’d be publishing an outfit featuring a wool jacket from Massimo Dutti. I’m surprised too. This year the weather does not spoil us with its warmth. And here in the Netherlands, I feel like it’s even colder. I put my comfort above all else and choose warm clothes and high sneakers, instead of a light shirt and delicate pumps. Old age? No, respect for my health.

Hence my today’s set, which was half completed thanks to Vinted. Over the last few weeks, this application has really turned me on, I’ve even managed to get rid of the clothes lying in the wardrobe in which I don’t wear and don’t even intend to. I also hunted down some nice, new pearls at a much lower price than the one in the store. For example, I managed to find a Céline style woolen jacket from Massimo Dutti’s spring collection for €120 less.

A wool sweater is also a loot from Vinted, this one was €8. Ridiculous money huh? I myself am surprised at what prices you can hunt something really good in terms of quality and price. Of course, there are also transactions that I would rather not brag about and which I am not entirely satisfied with, but in the end I came out on top anyway.

Dior bobby bag and wool jacket from Massimo Dutti

The woolen jacket from Massimo Dutti is super warm and I’m glad that it found its way into my wardrobe, even though I didn’t plan to buy it, I just took the opportunity. It’s a great model that complements my wardrobe and is very versatile in styling. In this set, it plays the main role with Levi’s ankle straight ribcage wide jeans, which are extremely comfortable. As shoes, I chose Converse sneakers, the sole of which is ecru, perfectly matching the sweater and the bag. In this combination, I kept the rule of three colors, thanks to which the styling is very aesthetic and consistent.

Smiling Olga
Levi's jeans
Olga's standing under umbrella

Jacket – Massimo Dutti, bought on Vinted,

jumper – Massimo Dutti, also Vinted,

jeans – Levi’s, Ribcage straight ankle

sneakers – Converse,

bag – Dior,

If anyone asked me about the only one rule of styling that is worth sticking to, I would answer without hesitation „The rule of three colors”. This is one of those rules where you have to really try to mess up something in the styling. So if you don’t care much about fashion, but would still like to know a way to always look good without much effort, then the three color rule will be perfect for you. Well, unless you suffer from color blindness…