Pretty Ballerinas is a family business that dates back to 1918. Footwear is produced in Menorca, a Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea. The materials used to create each pair of shoes are carefully selected by craftsmen. Each stage of production is carried out with the greatest care and attention to detail, from manual cutting, through sewing, to forming and final quality control.

At the first meeting with the brand and its products, my admiration for them was as great as the disappointment caused by their price. One day, looking through the Zalando assortment in search of a replacement for my worn-out ballerinas, I came across the Angelis model, slingback ballerinas with a brooch studded with crystals. A beautiful and slim model, stylized after the iconic and desirable models from Manolo, at a more affordable price. Unfortunately, despite the much lower price than the iconic footwear from Manolo, I was unable to buy them.

At that moment ballerinas, which cost over €200, were beyond my mental reach. Of course, I was aware of how many aspects make up the final price of the product, which often reflects the quality of workmanship. Which also made my curiosity of the brand and its products prevail over common sense and economy. And so, after a few days of fighting New Year’s resolutions to save up completely this year, I ordered shoes whose price was equal to 1/4 of the total amount I plan to spend this year on clothing and accessories. Oh well, Olga, you’re doing well with those resolutions ;).

Pretty Ballerinas with a stunning brooch

A bit about the brand itself and its products

The Pretty Ballerinas assortment includes various types of footwear, ballerinas, loafers, sandals and even boots. The names of the models refer to the famous women who inspired the creation of a particular model. The oldest of them, and produced to this day since 1962, is a model called Marilyn, which was inspired by the well-known Marilyn Monroe. Apart from them, we will also find footwear inspired by Ella Fitzgerald, Rosario Nadal and even Audrey Hepburn.

Pretty Ballerinas brand logo printed on the insole

Pretty is timeless

In the official online store (link here), you will find models that are in constant regular sale, but also seasonal ones created with current trends in mind. Pretty Ballerinas are footwear made for years. As the brand’s motto on the website says, “Pretty is timeless”. This is supported not only by the shape, but also by the high quality of workmanship. No wonder that stars such as Kate Moss, Olivia Palermo and Angeline Jolie liked them.

Black slingback shoes
Pretty Ballerinas black slingbacks with brooch

Are Pretty Ballerinas comfortable?

Currently, I have two pairs of shoes from Pretty Ballerinas, and I must admit that I haven’t had such comfortable ballerinas in my wardrobe yet. There are several aspects to the convenience of their use. The first is the leather insole, which is of great importance when choosing footwear. The second aspect is the sponge on the front of the foot, which cushions it very well while walking. The third factor is the leather from which the footwear is made, it is soft and fits my foot perfectly. The last, and most important, is the model, refined in every detail.

Are the Pretty Ballerinas true to size?

When choosing the size of the shoes, I was guided by those I usually wear. Unfortunately, it turned out that the sizing is understated, and I finally decided on a size larger than normal.

Quality first

Each pair of shoes is made in a factory located in Spain, where over 60 craftsmen are employed. The high quality of fabrics, materials and leather used to create each pair is visible to the naked eye. And if you follow me on a regular basis, you probably know that the high quality of clothing and accessories is very, very important to me. It is a pity to waste your precious time in life on half measures that do not give 100% satisfaction. I have several pairs of very well-made shoes in my wardrobe, and I thought it couldn’t get any better. Pretty Ballerinas shows that footwear can be made even better than I thought. Which is a pleasant surprise for me.

Black slingbacks in hand

A girl should be two things:
classy & fabulous

Coco Chanel
Pretty Ballerinas slingback
Black slingback on foot

Things that serve me, I endow with sentiment over time. It’s a lovely feeling to wear clothes that have been with me for a large part of my life. Put on comfortable shoes that take me to different places every day. I feel that these will remain in my wardrobe for a long, long time and will lead me to not one interesting and unique place. Their quality meets my high expectations and gives me a sense of uniqueness that each of us needs. Because each of us is unique.