The ending week made me realize that it’s time to say goodbye to heavy winter coats and welcome trench coats and light cardigans. With the beginning of March, the time of exposing the face to the sun began. Enjoying its rays gently warming the skin during everyday walks is my ritual, which not only warms my skin, but also makes me feel more pleasant inside.

Today’s outfit is the last with a winter coat. The transition between winter and summer is always the perfect reason to go through your wardrobe and clear it out. I always add a trip to the Dry cleaner to it, with coats and items of clothing that I don’t dare to wash in the washing machine, they mean too much to me, and I don’t like to take risks. Some of the clothes that I’m sure I won’t wear anymore, I list on Vinted or give away. I admit to you that I would not have thought that I would learn to use this application before. Maybe it’s because I think I’m not lucky enough and that buying second-hand clothes online is much more difficult than normal second-hand shopping? What you don’t know about me is that during middle school, I was an amateur at second-hand shopping. There’s something fun about reselling your clothes that you no longer use.

give it a second chance

We tend to think that if we don’t like something, then probably someone else won’t like it either. What if we changed our thinking to the idea that maybe someone is actually looking for what we have, and we are not satisfied with it? In the real world, it turns out that everyone likes different things. What we don’t like may appeal to someone else. Sometimes you just need to give it a second chance. It’s not worth throwing away clothes, it’s like throwing your own money in the trash

navy wool winter coat

Coat – Zara,
Blazer – Massimo Dutti,
T-shirt – Zara,
Jeans – Arket,
Boots – Bobbies,
Bag – Louis Vuitton,

outfit with navy winter coat and wool blazer
brown leather Boobies boots
Wool blazer with beige stripes and t-shirt in ecru colour