Before I got into shopping on Vinted, I was wondering why this platform is so highly recommended by most people. What is so delightful about it, and of course, how all these influencers find such gems, when I enter this portal, I don’t see anything so delightful there.  After a few purchases on this platform, I came to a few conclusions that I would like to share with you today.  They will help you find real gems.  Today’s post will be about how to buy on Vinted to lose less and get more.

I admit that for a very long time I thought it was better to buy new clothes than used.  And my approach to Vinted changed thanks to the first successful purchase, a beige jacket, a model I’ve been looking for a long time, I wrote about it here.  I think that my writing about the shopping process itself is unnecessary, and everything is very well explained on Vinted.  However, I would like to focus on what to look for, how to look for, and of course … when to get the best out of the app.

Pros of shopping on Vinted

Thanks to Vinted, I found a few pieces of clothing at a really low price in my wardrobe, a woolen jacket from Massimo Dutti for PLN 60, a brand-new jacket with tags from the current collection for 35% of the regular price, and even a cashmere sweater for €20.  When shopping on this platform, you don’t have to spend a lot to look good.  Very often it happens that clothes are sold at very low prices, also those with good fabric compositions.  Shopping on Vinted allows us to save money without giving up the need to look good.

If that wasn’t enough, an additional advantage is the possibility of getting products that are no longer available in stores, last year’s collections, or specific items of clothing that are sold out everywhere.

I should also mention the more expensive brands that can be purchased at more bargain prices than the regular ones.  If you dream of a dress from Zimmerman, but your wallet does not allow such a luxurious expense, why not try it on Vinted?

Cons of buying on Vinted

Buying online always carries some risk, especially when it comes to used clothing that we cannot return.  This is one of the downsides of shopping on Vinted, sometimes there may be a product that is not as described or defective, which the seller did not inform about in the description.  Of course, Vinted provides protection for buyers, allowing them to pursue their rights in such a case, but … in such a situation I would probably give up the extra stress.

Another downside of buying second-hand clothes, which often gave me headaches, is their very unpleasant smell.  I’m not a person with a very sensitive sense of smell, or maybe I am?  I don’t know, but the smell of Lola’s poop doesn’t irritate me as much as the smell of clothes bought on Vinted.

There is something addictive about shopping on this platform, and it is certainly not the adrenaline related to what fragrance the seller will serve us this time.  It’s the feeling that something can be bought by someone else at any moment.  At some point in my “adventure” with shopping through Vinted, I noticed that I was falling into the mode of searching for clothes at low prices and buying them.  A mode in which I didn’t even think about whether I really needed it, I just bought it because … well, at such a price, it’s a sin not to buy it.  Vinted is very addictive, and if shopping is something you can’t deny yourself, it may turn out that it will not be a way for you to save money, but will only add fuel to the fire.

What to buy on Vinted

Before I write about how to buy on Vinted, I would like to mention what to buy and what not to buy.  Coats, jackets, blazers, sweaters, cardigans, shirts, trousers and all kinds of accessories such as handbags or even belts are items worth looking for on this platform.  The items of clothing that I would never buy used are primarily underwear, footwear and all kinds of clothes that are usually basic elements, e.g. T-shirts, tops, etc.  Although in a few situations it is worth making exceptions, if the item is, for example, new, but without tags.

how to shop on vinted

How to shop on Vinted

During my entire “adventure” with Vinted, I managed to hunt real gems, but also bought something that did not satisfy me in 100%.  It turns out that even on Vinted, there are ways to grab some real deals.  Below, I have listed a few rules that are worth sticking to when buying second-hand.

First, regularity

Opportunities come quickly and go easily.  And it’s the same on Vinted.  Products at very promotional prices sell in the blink of an eye.  That is why it is worth following the app regularly, even several times a day, checking what new products appear on the platform.  Most new offers appear on non-working days, weekends and even holidays.  In this case, it pays to be patient.

Specify what you need

And of course, I’m not talking about constantly sitting in front of the phone and refreshing the page.  I mean, using the free two minutes while we boil water for tea or wait in line at the cash register. At some point, I made a habit of checking Vinted in my spare few minutes.  And the saved searches helped me a lot, which show how many new offers appeared in a given category or brand that interests me.  Determining what exactly I am looking for, what brand I am interested in, size and condition allowed me to regularly monitor and respond to adverts.  I don’t think I need to mention the sorting of ads from the most recent, right?  😉

How to determine the actual state of a given thing

Vinted allows you to filter clothes based on their condition, new with tags, new without tags, in perfect condition, etc. From the very beginning of shopping on this platform, I focused only on these three conditions of the products. The point is to buy clothes that are not worn out.  And it is easy to determine based on product photos.  I always pay attention to the places most exposed to damage, the condition of the fabric on the cuffs, on the yoke, under the arms and even at the ends of the legs.  To accomplish this, it is always worth zooming on the photo and calmly looking at all the details.  It sometimes happens that I ask the seller for additional information and photos of specific items.

Offer lower prices

At the very beginning, I did not do it because it was very difficult for me to convince myself to “ask” the seller to lower the price of the product, which is already cheaper than in the store.  Only after some time, I did come to the conclusion that what’s the harm in offering a lower price?  Even if it is not approved, I will still be able to pay the initial price.  Usually, the price I propose is 20% lower than the one expected by the seller, I know that there is also a man on the other side, I am irritated by offers from buyers who offer to buy a given item 50% cheaper.  Therefore, I also try to approach the entire transaction regarding the other party.

Sometimes damaged is better

It happens that in Vinted’s offer you will find damaged clothes, which will not be as difficult to restore as it seems at first glance.  I will tell you my true story with a black blazer that you may have seen on my IG. I found the jacket in “perfect” condition for the price of €10.  Its only drawback was a white stain under the pocket, and otherwise the model is perfect, the composition is 98% wool.  As at that moment I was looking for a black blazer that was missing in my wardrobe, I came to the conclusion that this offer would be right for me.  You’ll probably think what could be perfect about a jacket with a stain that can’t be removed.  Well, the price was €10, the composition of the material, the model that suited me 100% and the very low cost of making the jacket usable, namely €7 for a black dye that allowed me to get rid of an unsightly stain.  Thus, a jacket for which I would pay around €160 in the store, I have for exactly €20 with shipping costs.

The situation is the same in the case of woolen sweaters, the pilled ones are usually at much lower prices than those that look new.  Pills are, contrary to appearances, very easy to remove with a sweater shaver, even the most crumpled knitted fabrics will look like new with a little effort.

There is no one-size-fits-all advice for buying on Vinted, and I can’t guarantee that what works for me will work for you.  One thing I know for sure is that in the case of this application, the most important and useful advice I would like to give you today is that it is worth checking applications as often as possible.  Real gems appear quickly and disappear even faster.  Second-hand shopping, of course, has its pros and cons.  For me, it is an alternative and the last resort when the product I am looking for can no longer be found on regular sale.  For someone else, it may be a great way to save money, and for someone else, the main goal will not be contributing so much to polluting our planet with overproduction of clothing.  I believe that the advice I have shared with you about how to shop on Vinted will help you in your search and successful shopping.