So far, one of the colors that wasn’t  in my wardrobe was navy-blue. It looked more formal to me than black.  Maybe because I usually wore this color at the beginning or end of the school year in my childhood?  And then I completely forgot about it.  To my surprise, it turns out that navy blue is not only a color for the inauguration of the school year or an official meeting at work.  It is also a color that works great every day.

I’ve noticed that I have colors and pieces of clothing in my head that I have some prejudices about.  Just like the navy-blue color, I associate it with a stiff event and lack of comfort.  It’s probably because my child’s gala outfit wasn’t comfortable, and I only wore navy blue then.  On the other hand, the gray color reminds me of tracksuits, which is something completely opposite.

 It is often the case that we don’t do many things out of prejudice about them that we don’t know or are not fully aware of where they actually came from in our heads.  I used to think that if I didn’t like something a few years ago, I wouldn’t like it now.  I didn’t take into account that times change, circumstances change, and I change, and with them my tastes and attitudes.

Navy-blue trench coat matched with trousers

Trench coat – Massimo Dutti,  

Jumper – Massimo Dutti, second-hand, 

Trousers – 303 Avenue,

Sneakers – Converse,

Handbag – Dior,

Hence, the navy-blue trousers in my wardrobe, about which I had great prejudices, on which I decided to work a bit and see if anything has changed in this matter.  While a navy-blue suit is still a way out of my comfort zone when it comes to styling, navy-blue pants with a trench coat in the same color and a cream wool sweater is super comfortable and still elegant.  In this set, I don’t feel as official as I did at school on the first day of School.

Creamy Converse sneakers with navy-blue trousers
Navy-blue trench coat
Trench coat with wool trousers