The beige trench coat is an outer garment that dates back to 1901. The first model was created by Thomas Burberry for the British army. At first, it was supposed to be an outer garment for soldiers serving in the trenches. A real trench coat was sewn from gabardine, a cotton fabric whose characteristic weave ensured waterproofness. Initially, they were designed to protect soldiers from typically British weather, i.e., rain and wind, only forty years later it was popularized thanks to the movie “Casablanca”. The women’s version of the trench coat was first seen on actress Audrey Hepburn in the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

Today, in many stores, we can find many different models, oversized, shorter, longer, with puffed sleeves or even with additional cuffs on the sleeves. The only thing that remains unchanged, despite the efforts of many brands, is the timeless beige color characteristic for this garment.

How to choose a beige trench coat

When choosing a trench coat, choose those made of cotton fabric, the one with a gabardine weave is waterproof and will be perfect for autumn days when it rains frequently. The lining should be made of artificial or natural fabrics, avoid synthetic ones. You will find the best trench coats at Burberry, unfortunately, for the English brand that made this model so famous, it is expensive. In my opinion, the best trench coats, made of Italian fabrics (depending on the current collection), can be found at Massimo Dutti. Their models are simple and timeless, made with attention to the smallest details. And most importantly, they are quite affordable considering the model, fabric, and their build quality.

SuiStudio beige trench coat

Color matters

If you were wondering what color of a trench coat will work best, then you should definitely look into your wardrobe. When buying my first trench coat, I didn’t take into account the fact that warm beige is not the same as cool. If I had the opportunity to choose a given model again, I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment, but I don’t know if I would choose the same color. A cool shade of beige will work great if you have plenty of clothes in neutral and cool tones in your wardrobe. Warm beige will go well with brown, ecru, and all colors in warm shades. A properly selected shade will make your outfits color coherent.

Long or short?

Absolutely long. The ideal length, in my opinion, is mid-calf. It’s getting harder and harder to find short models in stores, and that’s a good thing. When selecting a trench coat, I would avoid the ones above the knee, they optically shorten the silhouette and do not look so chic. In addition, the longer models protect us more from the cold.

What to wear with

The trench coat is, contrary to appearances, a very versatile outer garment. It is no longer a coat reserved only for elegant styles, and more and more often it can be seen in sets with jeans and a hoodie. For some time, I was a fan of wearing a trench coat with a hoodie, it adds an effortless elegance to the whole outfit, and I like this effect. Undoubtedly, a trench coat will work perfectly in a capsule and minimalist wardrobe. These types of outerwear are not decorated with unnecessary applications. More often you can see them in minimalist versions, and these go with literally everything. The only thing I always pay attention to is the color matching with the clothes that are in my wardrobe. I like to stick to the rule of three colors, and color-coherent styles please my eyes.

A beige trench coat from Massimo Dutti
Beige trench coat from Suistudio
Beige outfit

A properly cut and minimalist trench coat made of high-quality fabric will stay in your wardrobe for years and will serve you bravely on days when the weather plays tricks on you. This is one of those outerwear that will be great on cool mornings in early spring. It will add class and elegance, and when combined with loafers and a dress, it will look very feminine. When choosing my trench coat, I thought about the coming seasons in which I would like it to wear. So far, after almost three years, I can confidently say that I have picked the perfect model. It goes with most of the pieces I have in my closet, making the phrase “I have nothing to wear” less and less frequent in my mind.

A beige trench coat is a part of My capsule must-haves for this spring.