I come to you today with OOTD#1, a look paired with Scarosso shoes that deserve their five minutes of fame on this blog. Today’s entry is only a preview of these upcoming five minutes. This is the first post on this blog in the Outfit of the day series, I hope you’ll like it.

I feel that I am slowly (finally!) returning to my tracks. I changed my destination a bit, or rather, I realized that the one I was going to doesn’t exist. Instead, I try to focus on the whole process and enjoy it without looking too far into the future. Lately, the only thing I’m planning is tomorrow. I don’t know if I’m more motivated by the new planner for 2023, or rather a clean pile of “to do” cards that are just begging to be filled. I have to admit, there’s something nice about it. Just as nice as it is to stand in front of the camera after a long break, and this one made me even more aware of how much I like doing it. And despite battling the inner critic and impostor syndrome, I’m still here. With the simplest styling EVER!

Simple is better

You could be tempted to say the most ordinary, but in this case, I doubt that Scarosso shoes deserve the most ordinary description. And do you know why? Because these are the shoes that, in my opinion, deserve the Nobel Prize in footwear, if only someone would decide to give such titles. Scarosso is an Italian brand whose footwear is handmade with great care and high-quality products, of course in Italy. Anyway, you can see it at first glance. And that’s what matters a lot to me. High quality. After all, I don’t need to have much, I need to be sure that what I have is good for me.

Dior Bobby Bag in medium size

deserve the Nobel Prize in footwear, if only someone would decide to give such titles

Styling with a grey coat and black Scarosso shoes
Wool coat from Zara in grey color
Pair of Scarosso shoes on feet
Grey coat on a woman
Styling with grey coat, black pants and scarosso shoes

coat – Zara

turtleneck – H&M

jeans – Lee

handbag – Dior, read more about the bag here

shoes – Scarosso

I combined a wool coat from Zara from a few seasons ago with black jeans and a cream viscose turtleneck. The color of the handbag and shoes match perfectly the whole styling, allowing me to keep the rule of three colors. This styling is one of the easiest to recreate. The only detail worth paying attention to is the model of the boots. The pointed toe makes my legs optically elongated, and thanks to the flexible upper, they look slimmer than they actually are. The devil is in the details, isn’t it?